Fledgling Foodie: Berry picking, pie, and scones

Last Monday, I went with our friends Wil and Kristen to Sauvie Island to pick fresh Oregon berries.  It was a perfect day to go, thanks to Kristen’s research:  it is the beginning of marionberry season and Sunday the farm was closed, which gave the almost-there berries a chance to ripen into the gorgeous thick black fruit we found, growing abundantly in the very back corner of the farm.  The blueberry crop was quite picked over, although I managed to bring home about a cup, and the raspberries were red and velvety and delicious.

Marionberries and raspberries

All in all, I brought home around 2 lbs of berries — mostly marionberries, because I adore them.  Here’s something you may not know about me:  I love to make pies.  Growing up we had a very sad little pie cherry tree in the backyard that eventually we gave up to the birds, but for a year or two we tried our very best to grow enough cherries for pies.  My sisters and I loved spending summer days making pies with our mama, and eventually she gave the job over to Lauren and me whenever we needed a dessert for company (or just for us!).  So where did my handpicked berries go?  Right into a handmade pie, of course.  I felt a little guilty for not doing something with them that would actually showcase their natural sweetness.  After all, you can make a lot of things taste good with enough sugar.  But Eric and I decided dessert was our berries’ fate and in they went.  I used the Joy of Cooking fresh berry pie recipe to put together the crust and filling, and my mad pie skillz to assemble the lattice top. (P.S. The gorgeous dish was a wedding present that came from Anthropologie.)

Mixed Berry Pie

After the pie, I had around 2 cups of marionberries and raspberries left, and I decided to attempt scones.  I’ve made biscuits and shortcakes, but never scones, so I set out to find a very berry-y recipe that would produce scones similar to those I had at the Coffee Cottage, a lovely little café in Newberg, OR.   I used a recipe from Cave Cibum, which was adapted from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book.  These scones turned out more springy than bread-y, less crumbly than I hoped. But assembling them was fun, they taste delicious, and my best friend Betsy loved them.  So…..

Marionberry raspberry scones


Do you have any favorite scone recipes?  Or any berry recipes at all for that matter?  I love berries and wouldn’t mind picking them and cooking with them alllll summer. <3

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  • Mama

    Yum! Yet even more delightful to me than the appearance of your pastries, is the memory of you and your sisters making pies. Coincidentally, your little brother and his girlfriend, Sam, had a yearning for fresh berry pie yesterday and decided to take it upon themselves to create one. They purchased fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries and came home to begin their first attempt at pie making. They ended up making two pies: one blueberry and one blackberry/raspberry. They did a great job! I will email you the pictures I took. You might like to know, however, that before they left to go find berries, Evan asked, “Where could I get some marionberries?” I told him I had never seen them in stores around here, that I could remember. So he made do.

    Is Betsy still there? Give her my love, okay?


  • Hannah Stewart

    yeah… why did you not save any for me?! D:

    • brynna

      Haha — next time! We can make some together. :)

  • Betsy

    I can DEFINITELY vouch for how incredible they were. Love you Brynna it was so good to see you.

    also, HI KAREN!!! Brynna and I were laughing about how she had to Betsify her room during the summer the other day. I cant wait to see you for the wedding!!