Goals and inspiration.

Thankful for the sunlight this morning after such a dreary yesterday!  I’m feeling motivated to set some long-term goals today; check back in for my motivation on actually accomplishing them.

1. I want to become a decent photographer, so that by the time I have kids I can take pictures of them with colors like these (via http://thejoyoftoday.blogspot.com).

(Of course,  I make it my goal to have kids as cute as hers, too.)

2. I want to write again.  I know I was an English major and that I do freelance and that I write a blog and that I even write parts of stories occasionally.  But I want the days back when I didn’t care how my poetry sounded or how good anyone else thought it was.  I wrote and wrote and wrote.  I’m still riding on my single 2003 publication, and that’s very sad to me.  I also want to write songs again.  This is another thing I stopped, for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I took antidepressants for a year a couple of years ago and they zapped me of my creativity, since historically I have written the most in my lows and not my highs.  I need to learn how to be expressive in my joy as well as in my sorrow, but there’s something so satisfying, deep, and true about lamenting.   This was another reason I stopped — I felt guilty dwelling on my sadness, and I wanted to be joyful.  And the third reason is lame:  I got married, and it no longer mattered that various stupid boys hurt me.  There went half of my subject matter!  (If you’re curious about songs, here are a few: htttp://www.myspace.com/brynnalynea)

3. I want my home to look great and feel like us. My walls are bare. My furniture is mostly particle board. We definitely don’t have any “conversation pieces.”  Starting out and furnishing a home is really difficult, because we don’t want to spend money on nice furniture while we’re in an apartment, but we both have artistic eyes and a need for color, interest, beauty, and uniqueness.  I tell myself I don’t decorate because it’s not in the budget, but then I go to people’s homes who are also on a budget — they just think more outside the box.  What’s wrong with my out-of-box thinking lately??  Not sure.  I have a couple wall hangings and posters that could go up, but I’d feel like I was in my dorm room again.  And don’t get me started on the various (*awesome) beer posters we’ve collected for our eventual brewing room…. those just don’t work for the living room.  Just for fun, here are a couple things that I love from real people’s apartments, via Apartment Therapy….

4. I want to plan a vacation. Eric and I are talking about possibly trying to go somewhere cool for our 5-year anniversary (which will be in 2014).  Top of the list:  Europe or Australia.  I’ve never planned out a vacation itinerary before, but I have a suspicion that I would love it…

Zucchini muffins are calling to me from the microwave!  Maybe I’ll get crafty today.

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  • http://viealatable.com kris

    i love jodi’s photographs of her kids too. her colors are always so vivid and cheerful. and dang, her kids are so cute.

    as for the house stuff… we are oh so close to an approval on our duplex, and if it pans out, we’ll have a garage you can borrow as a ‘workshop’. i LOVE refinishing and attempting to reupholster things…i’d love to have a reason to vintage/thrift store shop and give things new life for little money with you.