1000 Gifts: Birthday

I lucked out this year — my birthday was on a Saturday, so I was blessed to be able to spend the whole day doing whatever I wanted!

I’m so thankful for….

181. Birthday boots!! (Sorry for the camera pictures… my real camera is in the car and it’s raining.  Hard.)

182. Farmers market samples — who knew there was so much free delicious stuff?!

183. Lavender-infused blueberry jam from the farmers market.

184. Getting to see the Kings for coffee.

185. Getting to talk to all my siblings in a row yesterday!

186. The ability to earn a little money on the side with odd jobs. (Currently writing, sorting photos for a photographer friend, and hopefully subbing in the near future….)

187. My dishwasher.

188. My power drill.

189. A reliable tool kit.

190. Discovering new, inspiring design websites.

191. That we’re not doing the “cash system” anymore.. ha.

192. Birthday dinner at Wildwood. <3

193. People (like our awesome waiter) who know everything there is to know about food and wine and are happy to force delicious things on you.

194. Zucchini bread.

195. The new wooden fence in our back yard that is not yet defiled with the sickly grey-blue paint our apartment managers cover everything with.

196. Foot massages.

197. Sunglasses.

298. Phases of life in which showering often is not at all necessary.  Yep, I said it.

199. The sound of pouring rain outside.

200. My hardcore husband who bikes 5 miles uphill to work in said pouring rain.

Switched things up this week — meal plan tomorrow, friends! :)

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