Multituesday: Morning.

I’ve been struggling with the awkwardness of wanting to participate in Multitude Monday and also plan my menus on Monday.  I haven’t liked posting both on the same day because it makes my categories confusing. Practically, food needs to be planned at the beginning of the week, either Sunday or Monday, and usually I don’t get to it until Monday, so here begin my Multituesdays.  I won’t explain, since my readers are all geniuses.

(previous gifts here)

141. conviction about my laziness and wasted time.

142. a husband who doesn’t chastise me about my laziness and wasted time.

143. the still, small hours of the morning (yes, i know, the songwriter probably was not talking about 7:30 am).

144. my pumpkin mug from Lydia. (Here’s a picture someone else stole from the Starbucks website…)

145. Lydia.

146. knowing 3 babies to be born this spring!

147. soap.

148. my nose being able to be stretched rather than re-pierced ($12 vs. who knows? — yes, I resurrected my nose ring.  Here’s a picture from when I had it before — guest-starring my adorable cousin.  Click to enlarge.)

149. my clean kitchen.

150. the church we visited on Sunday — it was everything we hoped.  Solid Christ-centered preaching, multiple people approaching us to say hi because we were new, common friends in Spokane, and good conversations.

151. that my husband loves to stay active.  (Needing to work on that myself.)

152. my free Starbucks drink coupon for my birthday month!

153. people with strong commitments to social justice.

154. prayer, and a God who listens.

155. silly personality tests.

156. candles.

157. my piano.

158. my journal.

159. the notice that my Cooking Light subscription has been mysteriously renewed… ;)

160. library books to read.

Speaking of reading, I recently joined a social networking site for readers called Readernaut.  It’s similar to other reading sites where you can track books you have read, want to read, etc., but cooler.  Those things are great, but not that exciting — Readernaut also lets you post activity updates as you read, like favorite quotes and a progress meter that shows the number of pages you have read.  You can post these internally to be read by friends, or you can send them over to Twitter.  (I haven’t done that since I doubt people care how far into The Fountainhead I am… but maybe I’ll figure out a way to widget it on over here!)  Anyway, random unsponsored plug… find me and be my friend. :)