For the love of cotton candy.

I’m not joking when I say cotton candy is my vice.  Yes, I have paid $5 before for a bag that costs, oh, $0.50 tops to make.  I stare at it whenever we go to basketball games, legitimately jealous of the children around me whose parents buy each of them (each of them!!!!) her own bag.  It is seriously distracting, even from the excitement of a game — because I can see it and smell it, and the guy is yelling at me to buy it, and I, instead of watching Batum’s great steal, fantasize about the possibility that the (not too dirty-looking) child behind me who weighs 40 pounds will become overwhelmed by the amount of candy in the bag and leave some for me.  Yes, I’m completely serious.  Ask Eric.

Imagine my delight when, this week, two absolutely awesome pictures of cotton candy crossed my online path completely randomly.  The first one made me swoon with its simplicity and color.  The second made me laugh and die from cute overload.  So…two in one week?  One I might have kept to myself, but pairs of cotton candy pictures insist on being passed on.

© Alex Webb, via FlakPhoto via little things + big stuff

The above photo was taken by a street photographer in Mexico City. I don’t think about the over 60% of Mexico City’s population that is considered poor whenever I consume cotton candy.  I don’t think about the children below for whom a treat like cotton candy was once unthinkable, even in the United States.  And as much as I love it, I doubt if I’ve ever gotten as excited as this little guy!  So here’s to simplicity, to bygone days, to childhood, to freedom, and, of course, to cotton candy.

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  • Lydia

    oh man, that second one is FANTASTIC