Subbing and Yoga.

I’ve been bombarded (in a good way!) with substitute jobs this week, thanks to the lovely secretary at the junior high where I did my student teaching! Today I arrived at school at 9:30 to substitute for three different teachers as they attend IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings throughout the day. The first class was a science class — but as I was about to enter, a teacher from down the hall came by and offered to attend the meeting instead of the science teacher, since she had a student teacher. Which meant my “subbing” became sitting at her desk online. Yes, she did invite me to surf the web. I would have felt bad, except that I saw how bored my cooperating teachers got a couple of times last year, so an IEP meeting is probably actually exciting to her at this point.

I actually had to work for a minute while the student teacher went to make some copies.  And in this time span of, oh, 3 minutes, a boy managed to explode a pen on his face.  The next class I went to had yet another student teacher, so again I sat.  Although in this class, I got to help by stamping some papers.  Between classes, I helped a teacher friend grade papers, and then for the last half hour of school watched a science class as they worked on homework in class.  I’m going back to the same school to sub on Thursday and Friday mornings, but here’s the really exciting part: I am officially approved to do a half-time maternity leave in May and June, and I found out the other junior high in the district is looking for a half-time English teacher to start at the end of January.  Needless to say, I came right home and applied.

Here’s a confession:  this post began as a post about yoga.  I know I haven’t said anything about it, but I have been going. And I promise details will come soon.  It’s just that…. well… I’ve been interrupted a lot while writing this, and after rewriting it about three times, I no longer have the motivation to give a full rundown.  As of tonight, I will have used half of my 20 yoga passes. Yes, this probably means I will not get to use all 20. Darn holidays and getting sick earlier this month! Seeing that each class is usually $20, though, I think I still got a pretty fantastic deal. Today I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into what I go through every few days.

I enter class.  It’s hot, but not unpleasant.  I unroll my mat and lie down — on my back, heels together with feet falling apart, hands at my sides, palms facing up — and wait.  (Or sometimes, if I’m running late, I barely make it in to catch the first few rounds of the opening deep breathing exercise.)  People breathe loudly and make weird hissing noises (this is supposed to happen).

And then I try to make myself look like this:

Only really, like this:

© Gosia Janik

(Complete with the chair and cool birds, of course.)

That’s all for now, since that’s a really cool picture.  More soon!


  • Mama

    Yay for the teaching jobs!!!!

  • Vicki

    Teaching (especially substitute teaching) and yoga have a lot in common.
    I teach theatre programs in schools, and I can’t imagine having the patience and focus to do it well without practicing yoga! So even though your post was about subbing, maybe it was about yoga too!

  • Ashley Willey

    you’re so funny brynna :) i enjoy your commentary!