2010 in Review

Hello my dear readers.

Well, my downstairs and bathroom are finally clean thanks to Jennifer coming over yesterday.  Why does it take a visitor to truly motivate me?  Shouldn’t my own comfort, and especially that of my husband, be motivation enough?  Well there’s a heart issue I don’t want to delve into today.

Instead let’s talk about 2010.

In January, I returned from Spokane with a brand new short haircut and began my student teaching placement at Tigard High School.  I was slightly terrified of high schoolers, particularly that they wouldn’t listen to me, but thankfully I was able to hang back for a few weeks and get used to things before the new semester started.  Eric started his new job in search marketing,

Start the new semester did, and in February Mr. Wilson turned over his two sections of advanced sophomore English to me as the primary teacher.  I made my way through Lord of the Flies and fell in love with it, even though I never thought I could.  And guess what?  Those kids listened, and some of them even liked me.

Eric and I celebrated our one-year anniversary on March 28th by spending a weekend at the McMenamins Grand Lodge.  It was a fabulous, affordable, low-key getaway and we relished the opportunity to be with only each other and take time off from our hectic lives.  We returned and kept trucking, both of us wishing my program would end so I would stop being so stressed out.  In April I finished my student teaching off with my work sample on August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.

In May I said good riddance to my M.A.T. program, and three days after graduation took a job doing private tutoring, even though I was hesitant about it.  The job paid well, the family seemed nice, and it was related to teaching.  I worked after school with a young man until his 8th grade graduation.

I spent June and July gardening, blogging, running, attempting to refresh myself after 10 1/2 months of graduate school, and teaching the boy and his brother vocabulary a few hours a week.  That all sounds pretty lovely when I put it like that… but there was one major problem: graduation, combined with taking on a job I felt pressured to take, from a man who terrified me, sent my anxiety on a surge it hadn’t seen since my first bout with physical anxiety attacks in 2007.  I went back to counseling once a week. It was during these devastating and precious times that I learned to cry out to Jesus every. single. day. for his strength.  It was also when I read The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges, which helped me understand my relationship to God through Christ’s death more than I ever had before.

In August, God steadied my weak hands and feeble knees in a meeting I can only understand as a miracle; I sat in a waiting room, about to throw up, my heart pounding out of my chest and tears at the ready, but as my name was called and I entered my meeting, all my fears subsided, my body calmed, and my mind cleared.  I sat with confidence and said what I needed to say: that I would be manipulated no longer.  Relieved and terrified, I left the office for what would be the last time.  We celebrated Eric’s 25th birthday, and I painted my living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

In September, I celebrated the wedding of my dear little sister, Lauren, the most beautiful bride in the history of beautiful brides, and Nick, a man of God I’m proud to call my brother.  I had worried about that weekend all summer: I would have returned to resume my tutoring job full time, not knowing what anxiety it would bring to my heart.  But God knew better, and instead it was a refreshing and renewing weekend with family that filled my heart.

We began attending our new church at the very beginning of October.  We celebrated my 24th birthday with a trip to the farmer’s market and to Wildwood, one of our favorite restaurants. I began substitute teaching and looking for midyear jobs.  I dressed up as a ninja and spent Halloween with Eric (Batman) going out for beer and a movie at McMenamins Bagdad Theater.

November brought a Living Social deal for Bikram Yoga and a failed attempt at novel writing.  We spent Thanksgiving in Spokane with the Murrays. I applied for lots of jobs and made lots of scones.  We also brewed an Extra Pale Ale, which is not yet ready to drink.

In December, the new website was born! I applied for even more jobs, and I got two interviews for early January (the first of which is today!).  We bought our first Christmas tree, We spent Christmas in Sisters and then skied in Canada with my side of the family.  The holidays flew by and suddenly……

it’s 2011.

What will 2011 bring? Tune in tomorrow for the answer.


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  • http://krameymartin.com Kaleigha

    Good luck on your interviews! :)

    • brynna

      Thanks K, I’ll need it!

  • ingrid ziegler

    brynna. i loved reading your 2010 recap–so enthralling & so real :)

    • brynna

      Thank you Ingrid! That means a lot to me. :]