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The sun is out today!

I went for a little run to enjoy it prior to writing this post.  And Facebook informed my friends that I was “trying to go for 1 mile.”  I laughed at this because 1 mile is so easy.  Then I remembered how hard it used to be, and was happy.

This week and last have been exciting.  No result yet, but I’m in the middle of an exciting interview process that was made more exciting by the totally providential chain of events that preceded it. Ya see….   I had no job prospects for quite a while… and then suddenly I had two out of nowhere.  One interview was for Friday; one was for Tuesday.  Friday was full time. Tuesday was half time.  But Tuesday was teaching, and Friday was social work. I prayed and prayed about which job I should take, knowing that I wouldn’t even get a chance at Tuesday interview if I was offered Friday.  But I couldn’t very well turn down Friday (full time!) and may very well have enjoyed it very much.  I just didn’t know.  And then….  I didn’t get a call all weekend.  And I didn’t get a call on Monday. And, after my third hour at Buffalo Wild Wings pre-Oregon championship game that I didn’t care all that much about…. I glanced at my phone and saw that I had a voicemail.  What in the world?  A voicemail at the end of the work day right before U of O plays Auburn?

And I discovered that I was not selected to move on in the interview process.  And I was relieved. Not because of being turned down yet again.  Not because I wouldn’t have liked the job — I would have.  In these ways, it was certainly disappointing.  But as far as that whole having to make decisions piece?  This development was thrilling: no more anxiety about making the right choice.  The choice was made for me, and even if I am not offered a job this week I will know I did everything I could have. I hoped that this was a door opening for Tuesday…. and depending on how this week goes, it just maybe was.

So, last weekend there was a possibility that I would start working full time.  And since I did not… and thanks to receiving my Cooking Light and poring through my Real Simple for recipes last week…  I cleaned and planned and did all those things housewives with no jobs do.  It served us quite well: we’ve had quite the week of tempting foodstuffs…  the latest King family dinners, with no pictures but with links(!), are:

Morrocan Pita sandwiches

These were very good, but not extraordinary.  Actually, I can’t blame the recipe completely since most of my disappointment was due to the refusal of my pita bread to open into anything remotely resembling a pocket, which necessitated ripping everything up into really tiny pieces and mix it together in a bowl.  Not as convenient and way more labor-intensive. Also, I used Fred Meyer “Greek” yogurt because the recipe called for only 1 cup of plain, and it is horrible. They’ll try to suck you in with $0.79 coupons.  It’s not worth it.  I bought a few honey flavored ones last month and they were grainy and disgusting; assuming this was because of truvia sweetening, I thought the plain/sweetened with sugar would be safe. Wrong.  Anyway, mixed with all the other ingredients, this yogurt didn’t ruin the sauce by any means — it just probably could have been better with worthy yogurt.

Bacon Mac & Garlic Fries

Mac: awesome. Fries: disappointing, but could have been awesome.  I love oven fries — when they work. But the last few times I’ve made them they have not.  This recipe is rated 5 stars and was a favorite of Cooking Light testers, so I had high hopes, but they majorly stuck to the pan for me, resulting in a hash-browny thing that ended up burning slightly.  In theory they look so great that I might try them again, turning them more often — simply because they are potatoes, baked in oil and tossed in butter, garlic, parsley, and parmesan cheese.  But oh, the macaroni. My only complaint is that I made a 2-quart dish of it and only got one serving because Eric ate the rest.  But seeing as how I’ll probably make it again in like a week, it’s all good. (*Like reviewers suggested, I used 4 pieces of bacon instead of 2-3.  Foiled again, Cooking Light attempts at health food.  Am I the only one who looks at CL recipes and thinks, Great idea, but let’s add some more fat to that?)

And the rest of the lineup…..

Tonight: BBQ chicken stuffed into a loaded baked sweet potato.  For reals.  Just look at it.

The rest of the week: Teriyaki chicken and quinoa salad with asparagus, dates, and orange; blue cheese-crusted steaks with red wine sauce; lemony risotto with asparagus and shrimp; and panko-crusted chicken with mustard-maple pan sauce.

Reviews and pictures of the remaining meals are probable.  Hopefully these, with leftovers, will carry us through most of the month… otherwise it may be Kraft mac for that last week there.

Today I’ve been writing up a lesson plan for my observation on Wednesday.  I’m summing up irony in short stories and transitioning into ironic memoir-writing.  So far I’m pretty excited about what I’ve come up with.  I’d love so much to teach in this district….(It’s a good one!)  I’ll keep you posted.


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  • Laura

    praying for your job search!!!

  • Mama

    Wish I could be a fly on the wall of the classroom when you teach!
    Wish I could be a guest at your dinner table, too!
    I’m proud of you, Brynna Lynea!

    Love and prayers,
    your Mama

  • Anna

    Yum! Those meals sound amazing. Wish we could come over for dinner. :)

    • brynna

      I wish so too, to both of you! And thank you, Laura. :]

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