I know a schmorgasboard man.  He owns a schmorgasboard stand.  He sells a lot of things from schmorgasboards on down. Someday, I’ll join his life. I’ll be his schmorgasboard wife! Oh, how I love that schmorgasboard man!

This verse is only slightly less ridiculous as I know a watermelon man…….

Oh, that was irrelevant and superfluous. But it was fun.  And lemme tell ya, after a lovely new-teacher sentiment (I should email those parents to let them know their kids are already behind!) turned into a couple of hours of emails because children are so not copy-pasteable, I need something lighthearted. Like Betsy and Tom/Will/Mike and Lauren/Rachel and Steph and all my other Camp Reed besties to join me in a round of Weenie Man.

Speaking of weenies, but not really at all, this post is mostly going to be about food.  But the thing is, food isn’t that exciting to me this week because exciting food = over budget food.  So it might be about some other things, too.

We’ll call this first segment what we ate last week. There are no pictures of that awesome baked potato I mentioned, unfortunately – but it was great.

[grilled teriyaki chicken with an orange/asparagus/pecan quinoa salad]

[blue cheese crusted steaks with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes]

[panko-crusted chicken with mustard-maple pan sauce (not pictured)]

Which, by the way, had the prettiest egg soak I’d ever seen…. the green parsely and red mustard beads reminded me of holly berries:

And, pardon the phone pictures.  The camera was dead, which I discovered at the last minute….

These images are of a meal Eric requested — Sauteed shrimp with avocado-mango-IPA (yes, beer) salsa:

[mango avocado IPA salsa — we used Deschutes’ Inversion IPA]

[shrimps sauteeing in beer, red peppers, onions, chili powder, and lime juice, among other things.]

[the final product, served with cilantro-lime rice]

You may be able to see why this week is frugal cooking week.

We have had/are having: chicken burritos (served in tortillas with leftover cilantro-lime rice), bacon mac (told you I’d make it again soon!), split pea soup, and chicken curry.  Lots of dishes with pantry staples to stretch meat! :] This week may not be photo-worthy (except for maybe my mother-in-love’s excellent split pea soup), but we’ll see.

Oh, and lest you be impressed with my endeavors, last week I completely burned a batch of my mama’s spaghetti sauce by leaving it in the crock pot too long.  Good thing incense covers up a multitude of kitchen (and, while I’m on the subject, cat-litter!) odors.

I’m off to get that soup started; then it’s second post of the day time!


  • Anna

    Oh my, I am always so impressed by your cooking. Those meals look delicious. I’m interested in your mama’s crock pot spaghetti sauce recipe. I’m still using jarred sauce because it’s cheaper than making small batches from various canned tomatoes… but if I used fresh tomatoes and made a larger batch, I bet it’d be cheaper. :-)

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  • Mama

    Oooo that shrimp in beer recipe looks fabulous! You should share it with me! Actually, all the recipes looked yummy.

  • Mama

    Ha! I just realized you already shared the link in your blog above. Thank you!

  • Papa

    you are your mother’s daughter!

  • Steph Edwards

    Oh how I miss Camp Reed!! and you too!!