This week’s top 10.

10.  Free throat coat tea in the teachers’ lounge.

9. Having a Papa who will call in a prescription to the Fred Meyer pharmacy while I’m grocery shopping… because who knew you needed a prescription?  Meth heads, that’s who.

8.  A comfortable couch and TV: basketball games, Friday Night Lights on Netflix Instant, and free library movies.

7. State testing week at school: a perfect excuse to sit and not talk much while sick.

6. Feeling a little better just in time for a Kinara Thai Bistro Valentine’s Day date.

5. Leaving my car lights on, which resulted in a dead battery…

4. Discovering my battery was REALLY dead when Sara came over to jump it for me and it didn’t work, which resulted in…

3.  My studly husband getting a ride home from a long day at work and immediately jumping on his bike to ride 2 miles to the store and 2 miles back in the rain with a 40 lb. car battery in his bike bag.

2. Chatting with Art and Jason and getting approved as MEMBERS of Trinity Church. <3

1. Considering signing up for a sprint distance triathlon.  I said considering.