Multituesday: Rejuvination

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There’s so much to say!

How I finished that chicken, how Spring Break and our anniversary weekend went, that love story I promised, my new writing plan and vision for how it will fit into this blog, how I thought I had to go to the store today and then made a totally wicked meal plan completely out of stuff we already have…..

But for today, I will just give you a short and sweet look into the last week through the glimpses of grace I experienced.

[231-240. Previous gifts here.]

• ERIC. (Yep, I’ve said it before…. but yesterday was my anniversary, after all!)
• An old, paid-for, reliable car.
• Finally starting to make some headway on our student loans and savings accounts.
• Sweet babies being born to my cousins.
• Games, talks, and walks with Evan and Sam
• CD listening parties with my husband.
• Pinot noir.
• My new, 50% off cast-iron frying pan.
• Budget neurosis. (At least I know where the money’s going!)
• New goals for morning quiet time.

In summary, although I might not feel this way after we have kids and/or if I don’t work at a school, spring break is a fabulous time to have an anniversary.  Oregon “spring” does not quite act like spring, but that’s not stopping me from enjoying it (yet).  I loved being able to give my marriage some stress-free attention and care this week/weekend. I was also able to give our finances a much-needed revamp, and have even begun a little spring cleaning! And….I heard a real live BIRD this morning.  May your spring beginnings be equally inspiring!

More posts coming soon…


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