Tri Training Schedule, Week 1

Hey guys,

It’s May, and I’m officially  finally actually beginning to think about my impending date with major physical activity this August.  I found a pool down the road that charges $3.50 per swim, my bike has air in its tires, and I’ve rediscovered the power of yoga to get my body moving in the morning.  I’ve even created myself a little schedule (subject to change, of course):

My hope will be to, at the end of every week, reflect here on my workouts and where to go next.  I’m working loosely from a training schedule I found at tri-newbies, but (wonder of wonders!) I’m finding it’s actually a little too easy at the start.  I’m making it a little bit tougher, but not by much to start with – even though I don’t need to do the run/walk bit for a short run, I have 3 months and I may as well ease my body back into it after a long, sedentary winter.

My overall goals are to stretch every day, run twice a week, and swim and bike once a week.  Hopefully when the weather stays nice Eric and I can take a few long Saturday bike rides together!

Here we go!

  • Karen

    I’m cheering for you! (I’ll bet those 5 mile bike rides on Saturday will double in no time!)