Tri Training Schedule, Week 2

Hello again.  Unfortunately, I have to make this quick!  Here’s my week 1 update and schedule for week 2.

How last week went…

Sooo I didn’t stick to my schedule too perfectly…  but it was raining…. and I had/have 80 persuasive essays to grade.  Really, all I completely failed to do was ride my bike, and this is because I don’t have fenders.  Thus, riding in the rain is not merely uncomfortable.  It’s really uncomfortable and risks major clothes staining and requires intense bike cleaning.  Excuses, I know. I figured nice weather is so close that I can wait one more week to start that regimen.  :]

I did, however, go for my two runs and my swim as planned, and did quite a bit of stretching.

This week’s schedule:

I just completed my Tuesday run and I’m happy to say I ended up doing a 4 minute run/1 minute walk, 3 minute run/2 minute walk instead of the 3/1 x2.  I got a side ache at the beginning of the actual run portion, which was lame, but I had to stop for 5 second to tie my shoe and it was enough of a small break that I ended up being able to run through it.

This week I started my full time schedule at both middle schools.  Both yesterday and today I worked 11 hour days, and I still have about 30 persuasive essays to grade from 2 weeks ago on top of a few assignments left for me at the new school and another essay I assigned today.  English teachers are gluttons for punishment…


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