Don’t take my sunshine.

The SUN has been a source of frustration for residents of the Northwest this year.  We had a spattering of sunny days before school let out, but nothing at all consistent — and in between two days of beautiful blue skies we’d have a week or two of overcast, rainy days.  Now it’s mid-July, cloudy, and cool.

I’m holding out for the sunshine to return.

I’m a person who’s very influenced by the weather.  Long winters get me feeling bluer than most, and sun flooding through my ugly vertical blinds can turn my morning around.  One of my very favorite parts of summer is the food — fresh produce, that craving I get to just eat pasta salad (the good kind) and fruit all day, and the idea of fantastic things like homemade soda or granitas…

Chicken with tomato-herb pan sauce.

Please, please, sun, come back, so my grocery shopping and cooking can excite me again!

Spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese crepes with balsamic reduction.

Sun, good food, and good music (like the gem above from an old favorite band), stir my soul.  Have a listen, and, if you’re not in the Pacific Northwest, soak up some Vitamin D for me.