New apartment pictures!

It’s true! I succeeded in finding the missing camera cord in our not-yet-moved stuff at the old apartment today.  Don’t worry, first I…

1) Pulled out the oven, scrubbed it down on all sides, and made a PBW (brew-supply cleaner) solution to sit overnight that I’m hoping will loosen the gunk in the bottom.  The stuff’s MAGICAL.

2) Gathered up all the loose items from around the apartment.

3) Applied three (THREE!) coats of primer to the light blue paint in the kitchen, and it’s still tinted blue.   I guess primer doesn’t cover, it primes?  Not looking forward to doing the same on the large walls that are painted MUCH darker colors.

4) Scrubbed down the insides and sides of kitchen drawers and cabinets.

5) Loaded my car to bursting for the 2nd time since the U-Haul and still didn’t get everything.

Now I’m back at the NEW apartment, and I’m going to show you pictures that represent a much better-looking place than the one I’m currently sitting in.  After this posts, I’ll continue my away-putting.

Without further ado…

Living Room/Dining Room/Office




Right now… it looks a bit more like this.

Here’s the calm at the center of the storm…

Zucchini muffins are good enough to make even when (especially when?) the house is in shambles.

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends.

  • Karen


  • Aimee

    Great photos, Brynna. I’m so excited for you guys to get settled into your new place and can’t wait to come by for a visit. Is it kid-friendly? :)

    • brynna

      We’d love to have you guys over!! Kid-friendly can probably be arranged. :) I’ll let you know when things are actually put away….

  • Eva

    Nice place! I like the floors and the pretty glass doorknobs.

    • brynna

      Thanks Auntie! I love them too!

  • Papa

    Where’s Kieran supposed to sleep? (where ever he wants….)

    • brynna

      Kieran generally sleeps on my head. The better question is, where’s he supposed to poop?? Still figuring that one out…. ;)