Quick update.

For those of you who are waiting (I’m sure) with baited breath….. ;)

The move is well underway and going splendidly!

Unfortunately, our camera’s USB cord is currently MIA, so I have to wait to show you pictures!  The worst.  But I’d really like to show what the place looked like before all our stuff was in it before I show you how it looks now.  Let me rephrase that — how it will look when we’re finally done putting things away.

Our adventure began Saturday morning when we showed up at Budget at 10 o’clock for our truck reservation.  The guy behind the counter, flippantly and unapologetically, told us that they did not have a truck for us and they’d call us “when one came in.”  But we have a reservation. Yeah, it’s kind of first come, first served.  But we have a reservation!

Thankfully, U-Haul saved the day and, although we had to pay for a larger truck, we were able to pick it up immediately and get going on our move, only about an hour late instead of what could have been much worse!

Moving, no matter what, is really stressful.  I’m trying to focus on all the exciting parts and the things I love about our new apartment instead of the gazillion things left to do.  Regardless of what happens this week, we have to be out of our old apartment completely by Saturday, so this madness will end.

Things I’m very much looking forward to about living here:

  • Living closer to church.
  • A much shorter commute for Eric, which means I get to see him more and we get to sleep in later.
  • Living closer to friends in every direction.
  • Living in the vicinity of about a million awesome restaurants, cafes and roasters, and vintage stores.
  • My big, open kitchen with cool tile.
  • Overhead lighting instead of 5 floor lamps.
  • Installing curtains, because we have NO VERTICAL BLINDS!
  • Front-loading washers RIGHT across the hall – almost as good as in our unit, maybe better since I can do multiple loads at a time.

I’ve been putting posting off until I found that cord, and finally figured it would be better to post anyway — but I will be searching high and low for that cord tonight!  I’ll post pictures just as soon as I find it.

A BIG THANK YOU to Wil & Kristen and Aaron for helping us move. :]

  • http://www.viealatable.com kris {life at the table}

    yeah! you’re welcome! thankful that it was close to the door and no stairs involved…unlike our move that you helped us with.