Weekend in pictures (and a few words).

Reading on the front porch.

Playing with the camera.

Listening to water fall.

Counting wildflowers.

Making friends.

Playing with the camera some more.


A fabulous dinner for my wonderful husband
A massage table
Canoeing on Suttle Lake
Plenty of Italian wine and Irish cheese
Church outside

I have the most loving, generous, giving in-laws I could have ever asked for.  I am exceedingly blessed.  This weekend on the porch by myself in the shaded warmth of high desert August, I closed my eyes and just thought Thank you to God, who has provided so much.

Today’s [supposed to be] the day, folks — I find out if I got the job I interviewed for twice in the last two weeks and didn’t mention to you.  No word yet, but still a couple of hours left in the work day…

And tonight?

A 2/3 triathlon attempt with Eric to break in my new compression shorts, which I can barely get on, and to attempt to practice the transition from biking to running. Yikes.

I must say, though, since deciding to race for something other than my own pathetically unathletic self I am much more inspired.  Our World Vision race tanks should arrive today or tomorrow!  :] (Read about our efforts to support kiddos in Africa. You can donate to our cause for the rest of the week!)