What I love Wednesday.

I’m taking a cue from Kristen and Lollipops today…  to bring you a little hint of what I love in pictures.  I’ve been playing with our camera more lately, and although most of these pictures aren’t “good,” I enjoyed taking them and I think I’m getting a little bit better.

Today is a get-back-in-the-swing-of-things day.   A get-over-it day.   Yesterday was meal planning and house organizing and cleaning and don’t-look-for-jobs day.

Because I didn’t get the job I so hoped for, the one the interviews went so well for.  And now it’s back to square one.

But something so simple will not rob my joy.  Because my God has a plan for me that will not be thwarted by someone with more relevant experience.

And so, today, a little glimpse of my home and the things I love that live inside.

old glass doorknob

drying lavender

kitten whiskers

plant I brought back to life

china finally unboxed

And, in a little break mid-post, I received an exciting package – living room curtains!  Hopefully hanging those tonight. <3



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    yipee! link parties are fun! but sometimes i spend more time just looking at everyone else’s blogs and waste time. ;)