Find me on Facebook! [+ weekend links]

A little update…

Even though my readership is small and specific, I decided a bit ago to create a Facebook page for Brynna Begins, and I officially published the page yesterday.  Eventually I hope to be able to transition my post updates to only that profile, so if you’re reading this and want to get my updates, make sure you “like” the page! Subscriptions and RSS feeds are unaffected by this change, of course, but subscribers are encouraged to join up also. :)

See that Facebook box in the sidebar?  You can “like” my page right from here by clicking on it!


For your weekend, here are a few links I’ve enjoyed this week:

Writing is Hard (Or Is It?) – Jeff Goins, Writer

Fruitfulness – Alissa Wilkinson on Cardus

But Which Way Will I Go? – Naptime diaries


Thanks for reading.  You inspire me.