This day brought..

1. The most exciting news about a friend.  Um, the kind I can’t tell. I laughed and cried.

2. An amazing job opportunity.

Wednesday, I received a call from a job I applied for literally MONTHS ago.  I don’t even know how long ago. But they called and wanted me to interview. I was skeptical, because the job was half time but most likely turning into full time, and I don’t want to give up my writing plans.  I was up front about my concerns, and it worked out perfectly:  today I accepted a job teaching online high school as an adjunct instructor of 9th and 12th grade English — half time, from home, determining my own hours.  PRAISE THE LORD.

3. Surprise boots from my love.

I came by his work to pick up a mysterious package he couldn’t carry on his bike.  And what was inside?  Some wonderful brown leather boots.  I know how to pick ’em.

4. Beautiful sunshine.

For a week forecast to be filled with rain, this warm day has been an incredible gift.


This weekend, we will bust the budget on celebratory beverages, obviously.  We will also celebrate our FOUR-year first date-iversary with a movie at Cinetopia (thanks, Groupon!) and dinner out.

Happy Friday!

  • Mama

    Congratulations to you and praise to our faithful God! This job sounds great. Those boots sound pretty nice, too! So happy for you. : )

    • brynna

      Yes indeed! And they are pretty nice. :)

  • Maggie Glos

    Congrats on the job!!!!!!

    • brynna

      Thank you!

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