The good side of working from home.

1. Getting to wear whatever I want.  This one is times a million.
2. Selective showering.
3. The flexibility to run errands if I have to in an emergency, instead of having to use my lunch break.
4. Drinking pints of tea.
5. Not packing my lunch. This only works halfway since I still pack Eric’s, though…
6. Arranging my schedule so that most of the time, boring things are not back to back.
7. Not actually having very many boring things I have to do.
8. Variety – new projects to write, subbing in tons of different classrooms.
9. Sitting in a coffee shop to work (sometimes).
10. Reading and writing for work.
11. Being at home for package deliveries.
12. No politics, office gossip, or weird social dynamics.
13. Wonderful house slippers. All day long.
14. Cuddling with Kieran at work.
15. Preheating the oven/thawing something/other dinner-preparation-related things that take 2 seconds and can save a LOT of time when it comes to actually cooking.

There are, of course, drawbacks to self-employment as well. But why focus on those?

Sorry writing has been so sparse!  As you can hopefully tell, drinking tea in my sweats looks suspiciously unlike work but actually has been keeping me insanely busy.

Cheers to all you work-from-homers.  I feel like I’ve joined a pretty awesome club.

  • Rachel

    Half of my days are like this, the other half are with clients in the gym. I love my job! Now you know how I feel! The downside is being able to work 24/7. You don’t have office hours set for you and I tend to not leave myself margins, but i’m working on it! Love you seester!

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