Gifts for Writers

Christmas brought plenty of encouragement this year in every regard: I got to see every family member on my side of the family, hid away in a cabin in a ghost town, skied, water-parked, did NO work, and really just loved the break. So much so that for the first time in a while, I got misty-eyed leaving. It seemed normal life just wouldn’t compare to time spent with many of the people I love most.

Thankfully I had some tangible reminders of that love in my hands when I left — thoughtful gifts that will bring joy long after my floor is cleared of dried up pine needles and the garlands are tucked away.  Here are a few specifically writing-related gifts I’m enjoying in 2012:

2012 Writer's Market, Stephen King's On Writing, Wildwood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis

Square Card Reader, LAMY fountain pen, Lights Acoustic album.

1.  2012 Writer’s Market
For learning about submitting articles, poetry, and other stuff in a wide range of print and other media publications.

2. Stephen King’s On Writing
Widely regarded as one of the very best books on writing you can read. And I’ve never read it!

3. Wildwood
For the Decemberists fan, adventurer, and Portland-dweller in all of us…  Colin Meloy and his wife Carson Ellis have written and illustrated a beautiful and imaginative story.  Eric and I saw them at Wordstock this year and heard them explain the book and read from it. Way cool.

4. Square reader
Now I take credit cards for my writing services. Just cool.

5. LAMY fountain pen
I trusted my research-loving husband to pick a good pen out for me that I would love, and he delivered. It does everything I want it to, but mostly it makes me want to write with it constantly.

6. Lights Acoustic
I had never heard of this band before my sister introduced me to them this Christmas. Girl-singing-over-acoustic-guitar always tugs my writing heart strings.

Writers: what writing-related items are your favorites this season?