I was about to…

gripe about being sick

or complain about the frustrating company I’m doing a project for

or make excuses for why I have not blogged in a while

(woe is me)


It hit me this morning.

You know how sometimes you work so hard for something, but then when it finally comes it’s already the new normal? How you can anticipate a dream for so long and have it materialize so gradually that when it happens it’s nearly routine? How gratitude can escape so quickly in the midst of all this just because the new doesn’t meet fairytale expectations every single second?

Well, friends.

I am writing.

From my home.

Calling my shots (mostly).

Cuddling with my cat.

Making a full time income (for this month).

And that is not lost on me today.


  • http://shewritesandrights.blogspot.com Bethany Suckrow

    Hooray! I totally feel you on this. Working from home today myself.

    • http://www.brynnabegins.com/ Brynna Lynea

      Love it. An emergency cat food run this morning got me thinking when the guy at the counter asked, “Do you have the morning off?” These little things make me realize how lucky I am. :)

      • http://shewritesandrights.blogspot.com Bethany Suckrow

        Same thing happened to me yesterday when my husband and I were out to grab lunch! We went to our local diner that we love, and the manager was like, “wow, I can never guess when you two are going to show up! Do you both have the day off?” I got to tell him that I’m a writer and that my work is portable, and my husband got to tell him that he’s a musician and security guard, so his hours are all over the place. We don’t always feel structured, but we do feel blessed to be artists.