No results.

The strangest thing happened today. I submitted a story around 10:30. And I signed on to check my student emails and grading list. All of the items are dated 4/24 or later, which means it has not been five business days and I don’t have to grade anything until tomorrow. I already put together my month’s-end invoices. I am waiting on a couple assignments. This means that for the first time in three months…

I don’t have to do anything.

Tasks Today: No Results.

Yeah, there’s plenty to do: get ahead on grading, wash those kitchen towels I forgot to throw in the laundry last week, work out, put away some clothes or take out the gross amounts of recycling piled next to the dining table. But I get to decide. It’s blowing my mind a little.

You see, I spent February and March and a couple weeks in April working on a really consuming, pretty monotonous project. From taking on that project until now, I worked anywhere from 8 to 16-hour days as a full-time writer and half-time teacher with some more freelance work on the side. I had to submit the same word count every day regardless of topic, required research or other factors, whether it took me half the day or I worked well past my bedtime. That means work sucked up weekends, I ate like a college boy, and I wore the same sweatpants for 5 days straight. I didn’t really read for fun (with the exception of the Hunger Games on our anniversary trip), didn’t play piano, didn’t go to the gym or really even move much. Didn’t clean. Didn’t shower. You get the picture.

Finally I had enough. Providentially, this enough-having aligned with an opportunity to contract with a great writing agency in Portland more or less full time (once transition time is over). I have no idea what this will actually look like or what the summer will hold, but I’m so excited.

Two weeks ago, I gave my notice for the writing project.

On Friday, I submitted my resignation for my half-time teaching position so that I’ll be able to focus on writing completely once June is over.

Is this really happening? Eight months after I bought business cards and started a website, I am well on my way to meeting my goals.

I was so, so afraid it would never happen. (And truthfully, I’m still afraid of what’s to come.)

I’m learning—slowly, maybe—to put away fear and walk boldly.


  • Bethany Suckrow

    THAT’S AWESOME, Brynna!!! As someone still looking toward that goal with several hundred steps in between, I am so inspired and happy for you! Way to go, friend! :)