I guess the plus side of being sick for more than three weeks in the middle of summer…

… is that I truly have no idea how bad my green smoothies taste.

So today, I went all out and added chocolate protein powder.

Small triumphs.

I have had either whooping cough or something similar but viral since three Tuesdays ago. I’ve been to the doctor twice, not including seeing Dr. Papa, and have six prescriptions. If you saw me during the first week or two, I hope you have your pertussis boosters! As for me, I discovered that mine expired last year.

Get your shots, kids.

Thankfully, other than the cough, the inability to breathe afterwards, the major bodily soreness from coughing and the overall inability to do anything that makes me cough, I’m feeling pretty normal. I do mean that. Also thankfully, I can do my job perfectly well while laying in my bed.

But, I still can’t WAIT to go camping, bike riding, actually be able to see the babies in my life, have the energy to clean my house, have people over, and all those other fun summery things I wait for 3/4 of the year to be able to do.

I’m praying that summer will stretch all the way through September!


p.s. That wedding? It was perfect.