9,000 words.

That’s what nine photos are worth, right?

This is so not the post I need to write — the one that follows up on the disease that lasted for months, or the one about how freelancing is going, or anything else that involves actual writing — but it’s the one that will break the silence and hopefully make it easier for me to get back to this again.

With real (hopefully awesome) pictures.

Because after months and months of research, waiting and saving, we invested in a new camera. It came the day after Thanksgiving despite Amazon’s guarantee (bummer), but we were still able to catch a few shots in and around Spokane and of friends and family after the holiday. Here are some of my favorites (whether artistically or subject-wise):


Eric and Kieran.


Us with little (I mean younger) brother and his wife.


My gorgeous mama.


One of my best friends from high school.


Neon bowling shoes.


A little MJ at the alley.


Old dog feet.


Brother-in-law pullin’.


Eric and Kieran take two.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m hoping to be back again quite soon!