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Tri Training Schedule, Week 2

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Hello again.  Unfortunately, I have to make this quick!  Here’s my week 1 update and schedule for week 2.

How last week went…

Sooo I didn’t stick to my schedule too perfectly…  but it was raining…. and I had/have 80 persuasive essays to grade.  Really, all I completely failed to do was ride my bike, and this is because I don’t have fenders.  Thus, riding in the rain is not merely uncomfortable.  It’s really uncomfortable and risks major clothes staining and requires intense bike cleaning.  Excuses, I know. I figured nice weather is so close that I can wait one more week to start that regimen.  :]

I did, however, go for my two runs and my swim as planned, and did quite a bit of stretching.

This week’s schedule:

I just completed my Tuesday run and I’m happy to say I ended up doing a 4 minute run/1 minute walk, 3 minute run/2 minute walk instead of the 3/1 x2.  I got a side ache at the beginning of the actual run portion, which was lame, but I had to stop for 5 second to tie my shoe and it was enough of a small break that I ended up being able to run through it.

This week I started my full time schedule at both middle schools.  Both yesterday and today I worked 11 hour days, and I still have about 30 persuasive essays to grade from 2 weeks ago on top of a few assignments left for me at the new school and another essay I assigned today.  English teachers are gluttons for punishment…


Tri Training Schedule, Week 1

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Hey guys,

It’s May, and I’m officially  finally actually beginning to think about my impending date with major physical activity this August.  I found a pool down the road that charges $3.50 per swim, my bike has air in its tires, and I’ve rediscovered the power of yoga to get my body moving in the morning.  I’ve even created myself a little schedule (subject to change, of course):

My hope will be to, at the end of every week, reflect here on my workouts and where to go next.  I’m working loosely from a training schedule I found at tri-newbies, but (wonder of wonders!) I’m finding it’s actually a little too easy at the start.  I’m making it a little bit tougher, but not by much to start with – even though I don’t need to do the run/walk bit for a short run, I have 3 months and I may as well ease my body back into it after a long, sedentary winter.

My overall goals are to stretch every day, run twice a week, and swim and bike once a week.  Hopefully when the weather stays nice Eric and I can take a few long Saturday bike rides together!

Here we go!

Murray girls are Wunder Women.

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

[Photo via Getty Images]

Partly because I apparently enjoy torturing myself, partly because my little sister’s so cute, and partly because I want to follow in my Papa’s footsteps,  I have officially signed up with Lauren for the West Plains WunderWoman sprint distance triathlon (pardon the ghetto website), to take place August 21st in Spokane.  In 6 months, I must be able to swim 1/4 mile, bike 10 miles, and run 3 miles. Back to back. Currently, I think I could do each of these separately with a good amount of effort and relatively little pain.  But in a row might be a different story.  I’ll make up a little training plan and schedule and share it with y’all shortly!  We’re hoping Rachel will be able to join us also, making it an officially Murray event.  Husbands and Mama and Papa will be cheering us on!

The event also benefits osteoporosis research, screening, and care.  Eventually, if you’re so inclined, you will be able to sponsor my race, with all donations benefiting these organizations:
Washington Osteoporosis Coalition (WOC)
Spokane Osteoporosis Center
National Osteoporosis Foundation
Osteoporosis Resource and Screening Centers (ORSC) at Deaconess & Valley Hospitals
Osteoporosis Education Program at Sacred Heart Women’s Medical Center (OSHMC)

Your prayers are very appreciated!


Subbing and Yoga.

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I’ve been bombarded (in a good way!) with substitute jobs this week, thanks to the lovely secretary at the junior high where I did my student teaching! Today I arrived at school at 9:30 to substitute for three different teachers as they attend IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings throughout the day. The first class was a science class — but as I was about to enter, a teacher from down the hall came by and offered to attend the meeting instead of the science teacher, since she had a student teacher. Which meant my “subbing” became sitting at her desk online. Yes, she did invite me to surf the web. I would have felt bad, except that I saw how bored my cooperating teachers got a couple of times last year, so an IEP meeting is probably actually exciting to her at this point.

I actually had to work for a minute while the student teacher went to make some copies.  And in this time span of, oh, 3 minutes, a boy managed to explode a pen on his face.  The next class I went to had yet another student teacher, so again I sat.  Although in this class, I got to help by stamping some papers.  Between classes, I helped a teacher friend grade papers, and then for the last half hour of school watched a science class as they worked on homework in class.  I’m going back to the same school to sub on Thursday and Friday mornings, but here’s the really exciting part: I am officially approved to do a half-time maternity leave in May and June, and I found out the other junior high in the district is looking for a half-time English teacher to start at the end of January.  Needless to say, I came right home and applied. (more…)

Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

A few things on my mind today…

I’m sick.  That’s right. Last week I bought 2 big cartons of OJ because my favorite Simply Orange was on sale, and we started drinking it furiously. I also had excess toiletry money in the budget and decided it was a good time to buy and begin taking daily vitamins.  And I began Yoga.  And what did I get from all my healthy endeavors?  A nasty cold.  And when did it rear its ugly head?  The morning of my first ever substitute job.  Thankfully that first day (Monday)  was mostly a sore throat.  Yesterday (I hope) was the worst, and I’m not ashamed to say that while I did two very strenuous things — taking my computer to the genius bar and making chicken soup — I spent most of the day lying on the couch watching Veronica Mars. (more…)