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Ethics of yoga.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Am I crazy?  Not only did I just sign up to write thousands of words of a novel every day (I’m currently stuck on word 644, by the way), but I just purchased a 20x pass to a Bikram yoga studio for use in the next 60 days.  Yes, Bikram is the type of yoga you do in 105 degree heat. On top of that, I have my first writing group meeting tonight with the lovely Sara, and Eric and I hope to start attending a mid-week church service in the near future.  (As a side note, Sara holds the distinguished position of being the very best “group project” partner I ever worked with in my undergraduate career.  Boy, did we wrangle The Awakening into submission…)

Life slowed for Eric and me, pleasantly, a few months ago, when my summer job from hell ended and at the same time God opened the door for us to visit and grow to love a new body of believers.  Jobless and ministry-less for the time being, I am now part of what I suspect is a tiny minority of people who literally have no regular commitments whatsoever.  Except church on Sunday.   All that is about to change. (more…)

Rookie Running: Confessions

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I last had posted about running.  If you thought that was on purpose because my ultimate goal was to complete my couch to 5k program, you think more highly of me than you ought to.  In fact, I meant to continue, but I got sick oh… a month ago….and wasn’t sure how to run when I was coughing and phlegmy. (Gross.)  And then I had stressful circumstances to think and act through and, well, the excuses keep coming.  Yesterday I didn’t feel very good.  Today I feel fine but I didn’t eat at the right times so now I’m stuck with my office getting organized and my lunch eaten and halfway through a glass of milk with my stomach thinking, No way. Three hours from now is 4:45. Shall I go then? Oh, I hope.

I’m disappointed with running, all in all.  That’s not to say I gave it a fair shot — i.e. more than a couple months of actual, real running instead of run/walking — but I really hoped that once I “got into it” like everyone says, I’d be in love and couldn’t resist it.  ENDORPHINS, where you at?


I felt the need to write this confession because I want someone out there to tell me everything will be okay, including all my joints, which lots of people have scared me into believing will give me trouble if I continue to run. (Like I need another excuse not to, people!)  So here I have compiled a list of things that are GOOD about running:

• helps me feel less restless.
• helps me sleep better
• helps me stick to a schedule during the week.
• encourages me to eat healthier. *with the minor exception of the candy I let myself eat before I go — usually a couple sour patch kids. My father-in-law says he eats gummy bears during runs for little energy boosts.  He runs marathons; I run less than 3 miles. Anything that makes me run, right??
• allows me to be able to say “YES I exercise” if anyone (like my doctor) asks.
• acquaints me with my neighborhood.
• is FREE! Unlike a gym membership.

Goal for today or tomorrow, whichever it ends up being:  run a mile.  Just one little mile.  Next time I’ll be harder on myself.

Rookie Running: a new plan?

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Here I sit.  I sit.  And sit. Oh, I get up and do things, like clean and organize and make food and eat it and run errands.  But sitting is what I do far more than running.  Before I get ahead of myself, I realized the other day that I never posted the completed Couch to 5k progress meter!  So here it is:

And now that we’ve properly rejoiced, I get to let you down tremendously with my confession that since week 9 ended, I have not run the full 30 minutes again.   I ran 22 one day, and 25 or so another day.  Today I’m supposed to run again.  Guess how motivated I am to do it? (Not very.)  Guess how long I would probably run for? (22 minutes.)  This needs to stop.  I have just felt so tired all the time the last week.  I think I’m getting enough sleep, so I don’t know what’s going on – the last couple times I’ve felt almost defeated before I’ve even started, which is a terrible way to be thinking if you want to keep your body moving for a full thirty minutes.  This is why I think I need a new plan and a tangible goal — like a real live race.

There are a few 5k’s coming up in the area, and I might register for one or a couple:
• 8/13 (Next weekend!  There’s some motivation!) –  CATnip Friday 5k, benefits Cat Adoption Team
• 8/21 – Run for the Fallen 5k in Portland, raises money to build a memorial for Oregon troops lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.
• 10/2 – Fall Finale 5k in Oregon City, free registration and breakfast afterward!  Whoa!

Once I accomplish a real 5k I’d like to move on to a 10k training program.  I haven’t found one that I like yet, but I’ll keep you posted….  and I’ll work on signing up for one of those races!

Monday: meals and money

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

A new week is upon us.  It’s sunshiney, breezy, perfect summer weather.  We got the grill going last week for some simple barbecue chicken and corn on the cob, and we’ve been enjoying reading in lounge chairs by our little bitty apartment pool.  We don’t get in it, though — it’s really cold.

This new week is upon me.  Here I am reminded to stop feeling guilty, stop doing things if they are irritating, work hard, and take breaks throughout the day.  This is so much easier on days like today when I place myself under living water, letting it pour around me. I am the servant of the Lord;  may it be to me according to your word.

Today so far, I have accomplished waking up, reading from The Disciplines of Grace, journaling, and reading my Bible, helping a friend jump start her car, running at Gabriel Park, and toasting a bagel, which I am now eating with Good Earth White Tea. (Not the best tea, but I don’t want to waste it and it has lots of antioxidants….)  My running goal was 30 minutes but it was more like 22, partly because I was in unfamiliar park-trail territory and it was difficult to do a true out-and-back.  I really need a new BIG goal — otherwise I think my body defaults to, “You wanted me to do 30.  I did it.  Leave me alone.”

Left on the agenda today?  Lots of logistical things to keep our little home running smoothly:  I need to call and inquire about a health savings account I might start, talk to someone about self-employed tax preparation, go to the bank, plan meals for this week, and go grocery shopping.  Here’s a little glimpse into my Monday….


Rookie Running: Week 9

Monday, July 19th, 2010

I’ve officially arrived.  And the British lady on my running app said “Brilliant!” when I finished.  I ran for 30 minutes today!  But the program lied (it must not have accounted for slooowwww runners like me) and I cannot yet run an actual 5k.  My longest distance thus far is about 2.85 miles, and I’ve been running a fairly consistent 10-minute mile.  I run again on Wednesday and Friday for the same amount of time. Here’s my progress meter (starred run on Wednesday!):

After my one bad run, things picked up, although my running schedule became a little haphazard — a couple night runs, a couple skipped days and make-up days.  All in all, though, I only skipped that day, and I was able to move on to 28 minutes without it.  After all my disappointment, it was only one bad day. My first 30 minute run felt good — the only very hard part was a segment of running down a steep hill, during which I developed a terrible horrible side ache because I was so tense and almost holding my breath to keep my pace.  How does one run down a steep hill without going waytoofast and getting out of control?  I mean, without a side ache? (more…)