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Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Oh hey there.

It’s been a very long time since I wrote in this space. Our family looks a little different — it’s doubled in size to include two small, lovely, crazy boys.

I don’t have any romantic notions about starting this blog up again, but I’m currently doing a lot of computer-based planning on some topics that feel blog-y to me, so I figured I may as well plan them here. So I can share my progress like a good millennial, or something.

Those of you who have been around here a while know I’m not the best at sticking to goals, motivating myself, and, you know, other essential qualities of productive human beings. But ah, motherhood. It’s amazing the number of times I now find myself realizing that to change my child’s behavior, I need to change my own.

We’re at the end of our second baby’s first year now, and we just completed a 1,200-mile move. Now that the boxes are (mostly) unpacked and we’ve stopped with the daily takeout, we’re looking for ways to begin to thrive here. And we are all craving structure.

My three-year-old especially is a creature of serious habit. Lately he’s had some understandable anxiety after being totally uprooted. A lot of that anxiety is coming out in food-related issues. He’s always been an extremely picky eater, but frankly, it’s getting ridiculous.

This child would eat mac and cheese for every meal if I let him, won’t eat Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets because they aren’t processed enough, and recently decided to remove cheese ravioli and quesadillas from his already-limited food repertoire because I used an unfamiliar brand of cheese.

And now I’m feeling your judgy eyes and the need to back way, way up.

Because HOW in the world did we get here?

Well. When your infant spends every single car trip screaming his head off (I’m talking breath-holding, blue-turning screaming), and you figure out that giving him one of those food-trapper snack cups with puffs in it lessens the screaming time, you give him the damn snack cup. And when he shows a gigantic preference for carbs over any other type of food, well, that’s not the battle you can fight right then. You’re focused on the not listening to screaming for 12 hours a day.

It also didn’t help that until recently we lived in a tiny house with no dining table, and therefore no family meal structure.

So, how we got here is an unhealthy mix of some sensory difficulties and a lot of “accidental parenting,” aka survival mode. I have no regrets about our choices, honestly. We couldn’t have made different ones at the time, and I’m glad we figured out that cheerios and bagels gave us a little break. But now that he’s three and doesn’t cry all day (prraaiiiise), I’d really like it if he ate something other than variations on cheese, bread and fruit. Meals are a terrible chore and end in lots of power struggles, and I’m just. over. it.

So my brilliant plan is to rid the house of all our fallback options. No more Annie’s mac and cheese. No more cereal for breakfast. For Eric and me, no more sneaking ice cream and candy out of their hiding places after the kids are in bed.

We are revamping meal time with a combination of dietary choices and routine/rhythm/structural changes in our day. So if you feel like it, follow along. I have no idea how this is going to go.

Well, except for phase one:


<3 Brynna

Christmas at the Kings

Friday, December 9th, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like….



Friday, August 12th, 2011

Earlier this week, Kieran jumped up onto our bedroom window sill and managed to push the window screen out onto the sidewalk.  Eric woke up at around 3 am and looked at the window.  He thought it looked strangely wide open but then thought he was imagining things… until a moment later he saw Kieran’s head, outside our apartment, on the sidewalk of a busy street at 3 am in a new neighborhood when I was and Eric should have been sound asleep.

Not a sparrow falls to the ground outside of His care.

Naturally, we have been at a bit of a loss concerning window-opening.  Since we’re on the ground floor, we always keep our windows closed when we go out, so it gets extremely muggy in here and we need to be able to open the windows when we’re home — especially in the evening when it cools down so much.  Last night we finally had enough of the hot nights laying on top of sheets knowing there was sweet 60 degree air just outside.  We tried putting a box fan in the open bedroom window to block Kieran, but that didn’t work — five minutes later he managed to knock the fan down.  So we did the only thing we could do — we kicked him out into the living room.  (And despite all my guilt in doing so, he didn’t even scratch at the door for more than 5 seconds.)

I am loving this chilly morning air.  I loved waking up surrounded by it.  I loved actually sleeping under our quilt. And although I adore my Kieran cuddles, I kinda loved not waking up too early to a heavy body stepping on my hair and a wet nose on my face.

We also hung curtains last night in our bedroom, sheer, white ones that billow a little in the breeze.  They’re beautiful, and even though it’s a little stark in here without decor and anything on the walls yet, this morning I’m just appreciating the white.  White walls, white blinds, white curtain, white candle wrapped in white lace holding the curtain onto the window sill, and hey — even a white box fan and a white computer.  The layers and textures are so peaceful and the cool and quiet so quenching.

It’s my beloved husband’s birthday today.  We started the morning with cinnamon rolls and sausage and plums and coffee.  (Lest you be impressed, the cinnamon rolls were Pillsbury Grands, Cinnabon flavor.) I finally unpacked our China dishes for the first time ever yesterday (ironically, despite the total lack of storage in our new apartment, the kitchen has ample space), and I busted them out for the occasion.  Refined sugar and nutrient-stripped bread just taste better off fine China, ya know?

I’m apt to be discontent.  I, like most of my generation, have bought into what my youth pastor called The lie of the next thing.  The idea that life will be better and fulfilling once ________________.  (Once I get my driver’s license, once I graduate from high school, once I’m in college, once I get married.  Okay, the driver’s license one was true.)  ;]    Now that I’m married, it’s kids and buying a house. I won’t have any problems when those things happen, right?….

But Jesus has done a work in my heart recently that I hope sticks around.  I’m truly enjoying this phase of marriage and living.  I love our new apartment. I love my kitchen and I love keeping it tidy.  Working full time has been a source of anxiety for me in the recent past because of the strange transition from being in school my entire life, but I’m warming to the idea of being in a job I enjoy, once that job comes along. I’m okay with the idea of letting things happen in His timing and I’m learning to greater and greater extents that He is my fulfillment.

In this bright, white, breezy beginning to my day, I thank the Lord for pursuing me this week.  As only he can do he’s brought me to a point, again, of acknowledging my weakness and depending on him. I read these words today with such joy:

Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord; and that He may send Jesus, the Christ appointed for you, whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of this holy prophets from ancient time. (Acts 3:19-21)

Refreshing. Restoration. Jesus Christ is making all things new.


p.s. If you have not learned about my race sponsorship opportunity, please click here — my sisters and I have decided to use the opportunity of our triathlon to raise money for World Vision’s efforts in Africa, and you can help!

Moving on.

Friday, August 5th, 2011

So, the Comcast guy stood me up today.  Or he thinks I stood him up, because he called the wrong number when he came.  Either way, we wait until 8-10am tomorrow for our next appointment and reliable internet.  Thankfully, our apartment’s totally indecisive WiFi decided to kick in today and I’ve had the luxury of Pinterest surfing, email checking, blog reading and massive home-goods store searching in anticipation of tomorrow, when Eric and I will make our first new apartment IKEA and vintage store trip in search of cool, functional furniture and decorations.

In the name of hardwood floors hurting my feet, I will be picking up this guy:

What we need most is storage.  Our current wardrobe arrangement is a conglomerate of unsightly shelves stuck in a corner of our teensy bedroom.  Our vacuum does not (and will likely never) have a home in our overstuffed hallway closet. But what I want most is a ridiculously furry white rug under my coffee table for a paltry $30.  Yes, please.

I have some actually thoughtful posts brewing.  One that’s been on my mind will come Sunday or Monday, and I hope you’ll tune in. Right now I’m dreaming of ways to add color, character, and warmth (and a little bit of femininity) to this new space….

Be back SOON.


New apartment pictures!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

It’s true! I succeeded in finding the missing camera cord in our not-yet-moved stuff at the old apartment today.  Don’t worry, first I…

1) Pulled out the oven, scrubbed it down on all sides, and made a PBW (brew-supply cleaner) solution to sit overnight that I’m hoping will loosen the gunk in the bottom.  The stuff’s MAGICAL.

2) Gathered up all the loose items from around the apartment.

3) Applied three (THREE!) coats of primer to the light blue paint in the kitchen, and it’s still tinted blue.   I guess primer doesn’t cover, it primes?  Not looking forward to doing the same on the large walls that are painted MUCH darker colors.

4) Scrubbed down the insides and sides of kitchen drawers and cabinets.

5) Loaded my car to bursting for the 2nd time since the U-Haul and still didn’t get everything.

Now I’m back at the NEW apartment, and I’m going to show you pictures that represent a much better-looking place than the one I’m currently sitting in.  After this posts, I’ll continue my away-putting.

Without further ado…

Living Room/Dining Room/Office




Right now… it looks a bit more like this.

Here’s the calm at the center of the storm…

Zucchini muffins are good enough to make even when (especially when?) the house is in shambles.

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends.