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Give thanks…

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a new list of thanks inspired by this weekend with my family.  I needed to catch up, anyway!

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The complete immediate family gathered ’round a table

Listening to my Papa play the guitar

Watching my Mama spend her days in service to us all (and helping where I can!)

Seeing my newlywed sister and her husband’s love for each other

Getting to share home, laughter, food, and Christ with guests

A poinsettia on the door step

Breakfast at Chaps

A fireplace and wood stove keeping us warm in very chilly conditions

Veritable feet of snow outside!

Chocolate stout cake for three family birthdays.

Thank you, Father, for this wonderfully warm, joyful weekend, the hope we have in you, and the freedom you give us to enjoy your good gifts even though we deserve none of them.

1000 Gifts: Birthday

Monday, October 25th, 2010

I lucked out this year — my birthday was on a Saturday, so I was blessed to be able to spend the whole day doing whatever I wanted!

I’m so thankful for….

181. Birthday boots!! (Sorry for the camera pictures… my real camera is in the car and it’s raining.  Hard.)

182. Farmers market samples — who knew there was so much free delicious stuff?!

183. Lavender-infused blueberry jam from the farmers market.

184. Getting to see the Kings for coffee.

185. Getting to talk to all my siblings in a row yesterday! (more…)

Multituesday: Purposeful

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

(From galette and puzzle day with Betsy this summer… <3)

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181.  Galettes!

182. Puzzles!

183. Living in Oregon — farms, city, ocean, mountains, kindness, culture, art.

184. IKEA trips and gadgets

185. motivation to transform our 2nd bedroom from its current function as Kieran’s room and junk catch-all into a room for creativity.

186. My latest breakfast invention: eggs scrambled with cream cheese and chives.

187. New tea light holders for my delicious apple cinnamon tea lights. (more…)

Multituesday: Mystery.

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

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161. a heater to turn on for the first time this season

162. classical guitar music

163. mysteries, big and small: solving some, adoring others.

164. a lifetime to grow, learn stuff, and hopefully become much much more like Jesus.

165. thinking about what my kids will look like eventually

166. the very rare Oregon sunny/clear/chilly day (more…)

Multituesday: Morning.

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I’ve been struggling with the awkwardness of wanting to participate in Multitude Monday and also plan my menus on Monday.  I haven’t liked posting both on the same day because it makes my categories confusing. Practically, food needs to be planned at the beginning of the week, either Sunday or Monday, and usually I don’t get to it until Monday, so here begin my Multituesdays.  I won’t explain, since my readers are all geniuses.

(previous gifts here)

141. conviction about my laziness and wasted time.

142. a husband who doesn’t chastise me about my laziness and wasted time.

143. the still, small hours of the morning (yes, i know, the songwriter probably was not talking about 7:30 am).

144. my pumpkin mug from Lydia. (Here’s a picture someone else stole from the Starbucks website…)

145. Lydia.

146. knowing 3 babies to be born this spring!

147. soap. (more…)