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Ethics of yoga.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Am I crazy?  Not only did I just sign up to write thousands of words of a novel every day (I’m currently stuck on word 644, by the way), but I just purchased a 20x pass to a Bikram yoga studio for use in the next 60 days.  Yes, Bikram is the type of yoga you do in 105 degree heat. On top of that, I have my first writing group meeting tonight with the lovely Sara, and Eric and I hope to start attending a mid-week church service in the near future.  (As a side note, Sara holds the distinguished position of being the very best “group project” partner I ever worked with in my undergraduate career.  Boy, did we wrangle The Awakening into submission…)

Life slowed for Eric and me, pleasantly, a few months ago, when my summer job from hell ended and at the same time God opened the door for us to visit and grow to love a new body of believers.  Jobless and ministry-less for the time being, I am now part of what I suspect is a tiny minority of people who literally have no regular commitments whatsoever.  Except church on Sunday.   All that is about to change. (more…)

The weight of Glory

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

My mission this summer is, as most of you know, to grow.  This growth isn’t a growth of my mind only, although I am inclined toward academia/intellectualism; it isn’t a growth of just my experiences, although I am trying new things; it is NOT meant as a growth of my body, although I do cook with a lot of butter!  As a 23-year-old in an awkward in-between phase of life (post-marriage/pre-baby), I feel like I have a good handle on most of the things I do.  I haven’t yet experienced the utter shock of my ignorance in many areas, like parenting or managing a full household.  Instead, my identity is largely based on what I do know how to do.  Little slips of paper (aka diplomas) that I keep forgetting to put into their fancy holders tell me I’m pretty knowledgeable about writing and teaching.  I know some other things, too.  But the main focus of my growth is to grow into the image of my Lord and savior, Jesus.  I want to be like him and I want to be freed by him. Why take on new things?  So I can relearn the steps by which we start, and begin to get somewhere, all leaning on Christ’s strength to get me there.

This post is long.  It is meant as an encouragement. But be warned that those of you who aren’t “encouraged,” per se, might be offended. Please let yourself be offended for a moment — I love you and I think you’re worth offending. (Or you might think I’m crazy, or you might cluck your tongue at me for being so naive and unenlightened.)  Onward. (more…)