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Keep on keepin’ on, summer.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

It’s almost the end of summer.

I had my first craving for fall a few weeks ago, oddly enough when Eric mentioned football. (Or, maybe it wasn’t that odd — I started craving football food, specifically his mom’s chili cheese dip, not actual football games.)

September. It’s the second year in a row I’ve started the school year without school. After a lifetime of Septembers dedicated to starting a new school year, it feels strange. Especially after I kept being told, “Well, if you don’t find a job this year, you will next year!” I know I’m not the only one, but sometimes it feels like it. September means the beginning of a new year for me much more than January ever has. Yesterday I went into the office aisle to buy envelopes and could barely get through all the kids doing last minute school supply shopping.
But as I finally picked up a library book yesterday that I’ve been meaning to read for weeks and found myself flipping to the Autumn chapter, something felt wrong — and, turning pages in reverse, I settled back in on Summer. After all, it’s 90 degrees outside, produce is late this year, and I’m just barely starting to get tired of my grungy summer uniform (cut off shorts, uncute tank tops, and 3-year-old flip flops anyone?). Summer is still definitely the dominant season here, and I’m just fine with that. (more…)