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Moving on.

Friday, August 5th, 2011

So, the Comcast guy stood me up today.  Or he thinks I stood him up, because he called the wrong number when he came.  Either way, we wait until 8-10am tomorrow for our next appointment and reliable internet.  Thankfully, our apartment’s totally indecisive WiFi decided to kick in today and I’ve had the luxury of Pinterest surfing, email checking, blog reading and massive home-goods store searching in anticipation of tomorrow, when Eric and I will make our first new apartment IKEA and vintage store trip in search of cool, functional furniture and decorations.

In the name of hardwood floors hurting my feet, I will be picking up this guy:

What we need most is storage.  Our current wardrobe arrangement is a conglomerate of unsightly shelves stuck in a corner of our teensy bedroom.  Our vacuum does not (and will likely never) have a home in our overstuffed hallway closet. But what I want most is a ridiculously furry white rug under my coffee table for a paltry $30.  Yes, please.

I have some actually thoughtful posts brewing.  One that’s been on my mind will come Sunday or Monday, and I hope you’ll tune in. Right now I’m dreaming of ways to add color, character, and warmth (and a little bit of femininity) to this new space….

Be back SOON.