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Triathlon finisher.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

It was a 4:45 wakeup and tugging on compression shorts before I could even see straight.  Piling in the car by 5:30, thankful for my Papa who knows this sport so excruciatingly well.  Transporting the bikes was all taken care of and he ran down the list of items needed.  Race numbers, helmets, running shoes, goggles, and ankle chip (which made me feel a little bit like Lindsey Lohan).

We made it to the parking lot before it filled, and were some of the first in the transition area.  We had time to wake up a little, started to feel the sun come out, dipped our toes in the water, did yoga poses together on the lawn, and took pictures.  The hours went by quickly and we found ourselves suddenly being beckoned to the beach by a megaphone.  Instructions, nerves, hugs, and off we went.

I was shocked how cold the water was once I was in deep enough for my body to be covered.  My lungs wouldn’t fill all the way and my usually slow transition from deep to quicker breathing was hastened by the chill.  It was breaststroke to avoid choking for the first several yards, when I finally was able to put my head under the surface long enough to not inhale lake water.  I finished somewhere in the middle of my wave and got to the transition area, where I pulled socks and shoes over wet, grassy feet, and pinned my bib number to my jersey.  Helmet, sunglasses and bike, and I was on my way.  I was surprised how impossibly difficult it was to slow my pace down — my heart was racing, my breathing was shallow, and the adrenaline was surging, but I knew I didn’t want to push too hard, since the last leg of the race — the run — would be my most taxing event by far.

Cute look, no?

It took me four miles on bike to start breathing normally.  I’m not used to riding behind other cyclists, passing those who are slower than me, and keeping pace was hard.  I found myself pushing harder than I necessarily wanted to in order to pass other riders, and gear-shifting more than I intended to as the road grade fluctuated.  I wouldn’t say the bike course was difficult overall, but the experience of racing was.  During the transition to the run, despite trying to conserve my energy and eating caffeinated electrolyte jelly bellies, going into the run I felt like my lungs wouldn’t open all the way and I quickly got a side ache.  Side cramps are my running nemesis, and I find it really tough to run through them, but I tried.  It wasn’t my only ache through the rest of the run, and I was disappointed when I realized I was definitely going to have to walk in parts.  I never was able to find my zone — the run felt awkward and difficult, and I felt too hyped up.  At times the adrenaline felt like an uncomfortable caffeine buzz.  My one regret is that I walked fairly early on, because maybe if I had been able to run farther before stopping I would have had a better mentality to finish strong.  But as each mile came, I did run more than I walked, including running the whole third mile. I finished in one hour and thirty-seven minutes.  I could have had much faster transitions, but that wasn’t my concern — I wanted to have fun, to stay calm as much as possible, and to finish.  Which I did.

The best part?  Accomplishing this with both of my sisters in the presence of a HUGE fan club: my dad’s parents, mom’s mom, aunt, brother and his girlfriend, brother-in-law, sister’s boyfriend, and fantastic parents.  I only have the pictures from our camera right now, and my husband thinks I’m the coolest. I’ll track down and post more pictures of not just me soon!

Rachel and Lauren, I’m so proud of you.


I’m absolutely floored by the generosity of our family and friends.  With very little nagging and promotion other than facebook reminders, we were able to raise $775.75 to go to World Vision’s efforts in Africa.  I was so thankful for my little dixie cups of water along the race route, and it made me push harder knowing that my race was providing clean water to kids who don’t have it.  I’m so spoiled, so blessed.  Thank you so much for your donations and your support.

Triathlon day!

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Here we come.

LAST CHANCE to help out Africa.  Thank you so much to those of you who have generously donated to support this cause.  We’ve amazingly raised $681 so far in less than a week and a half!  You’re wonderful and these communities will be so thankful.

PRAY FOR US!  We’ll need it.


This is just to say, part two.

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Yes, Portland is STILL RAINY.  No, I didn’t take this picture….

1.  I worked 60 hours this week (and counting…)

2. I also stuck to my training plan.  On Tuesday I came home and ran; Wednesday I left work at 6 pm, had errands to run at Target, and got home, hungry, at 7.   After about 4 seconds of stress tears, I ate a handful of raisins, packed up my things, and worked it off at the pool with my new goggles, old 2-piece [definitely not racing though fortunately not bikini-style] swim suit, and ghetto bath towel.  (This is the part where I remember and shed a few more tears about the fact that we discovered my favorite swim suit that I bought for our honeymoon, along with Eric’s favorite suit AND our only legitimate beach/pool towel, disappeared mysteriously 8 months ago and we have NO CLUE where they could be.)   Friday I sucked it up and ran.  Today Eric and I rode 7 miles (5 out, then stopped for pizza, then 2 home) on our bikes.

Can I say here that I am sincerely excited about this??  Maybe I shouldn’t celebrate the fact that I can run for 10 minutes when I need to be able to exert myself for two hours before this race, but still.  I did NOT feel like working out this week, and by the grace of God I did it anyway.

3. I have 6 out of 72 persuasive essays left to grade, and even though I have tons more grading when they are done I will be SO GLAD when they are finished and handed back.

I shared this on Facebook already, but here’s an awesome quote from one of my great students, who apparently thinks Pirate is a race:

In Peter Pan, pirates are stereotyped as bad, mean, disrespectful, violent, strong, and stupid. It is imperative that the way pirates are perceived is changed. If children grew up only with that impression of pirates, they would learn to stereotype them.

Poor guys.

4.  I’ve discovered a new pet peeve — people adding captions to baby photos.  No, really, you don’t know what that baby is thinking or what he would be saying if he could talk.  ;)

5. I have a fat crush on my husband.

6. Kieran’s way cuter when his claws are clipped.


Tri Training Schedule, Week 2

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Hello again.  Unfortunately, I have to make this quick!  Here’s my week 1 update and schedule for week 2.

How last week went…

Sooo I didn’t stick to my schedule too perfectly…  but it was raining…. and I had/have 80 persuasive essays to grade.  Really, all I completely failed to do was ride my bike, and this is because I don’t have fenders.  Thus, riding in the rain is not merely uncomfortable.  It’s really uncomfortable and risks major clothes staining and requires intense bike cleaning.  Excuses, I know. I figured nice weather is so close that I can wait one more week to start that regimen.  :]

I did, however, go for my two runs and my swim as planned, and did quite a bit of stretching.

This week’s schedule:

I just completed my Tuesday run and I’m happy to say I ended up doing a 4 minute run/1 minute walk, 3 minute run/2 minute walk instead of the 3/1 x2.  I got a side ache at the beginning of the actual run portion, which was lame, but I had to stop for 5 second to tie my shoe and it was enough of a small break that I ended up being able to run through it.

This week I started my full time schedule at both middle schools.  Both yesterday and today I worked 11 hour days, and I still have about 30 persuasive essays to grade from 2 weeks ago on top of a few assignments left for me at the new school and another essay I assigned today.  English teachers are gluttons for punishment…